Terms of Services

BTCtoBDT is not responsible in any way if anyone who accepts our service is involved in any kind of misconduct including online gambling, money laundering.

=========> Please read all the following topics <=========

1.1 ===> In order to create an account on our site, you must provide your voter ID, passport, or photo ID. And an identity card with your home address.

1.2 ===> If you commit any criminal act, I will be reluctant to give all your identity cards to the administration.

1.3 ===> All the time you have to send money/dollars to the updated number/account given on our website. Or talk in a live chat to confirm. Otherwise, BTCtoBDT authorities will not be responsible in any way if money/dollar is lost.

1.4 ===> You can't rush when ordering and you can't rush for payment after ordering. In many cases, the wrong order is submitted and payment is made at the wrong address. So don't rush the admin for payment, check your order

2-3 times and then submit.

1.5 ===> If you submit the wrong number or account in the order, the responsibility is entirely yours. In that case, we will not pay a second time. 2.1 ===> Prices may change at any time. So you have to look at the updated price while ordering.

2.2 ===> Do not send dollars directly from the client's account (do not deal with third parties). Dollars/money must be sent from your account / in your own hand.

2.3 ===> You have to bear all the charges for the transaction.

2.4 ===> Your order may take 5 to 10 minutes to complete after you make the payment.

2.5 ===> We always complete the order by maintaining the serial.

3.1 ===> Bad reviews are not acceptable if the admin gets late service by ordering while offline or with special notice.

3.2 ===> If the site provides an incorrect calculation due to technical problems, we will calculate it manually and send you the correct amount.

3.3 ===> We take a maximum of 30 minutes for each of your orders. Please wait without SMS after order we will give you dollars or money at the right time.

3.4 ===> BTCtoBDT has completed orders in a very short time before but. Nowadays, due to the problem of Netel's Skrill, I now take up to 30 minutes.

3.4 ===> Our whats app is active all the time so you can let us know in case of emergency.

3.5 ===> If you do not want to complete your order, please contact our what's an app as soon as possible. And then at that moment, you have to give all your information including your order number by mail in support mail.

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