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Notice: The price is not fixed as the price of Neteller Skrill is very high. Find out the price by talking live. If you send money from bKash, rocket, cash, you have to pay 2% cost. If necessary, talk: - WhatsApp or Live chart

How to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh

buy bitcoin from bangladesh

Buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh an easy way. Bitcoin is getting popular worldwide. Most countries are accepting this digital currency gradually. So here is a guide on how to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh. There are multi options are available to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh. Though it is not legal to buy or sell in Bangladesh. But in many cases, you need to buy BTC for freelancing purposes. In this article, I m going to show you a few simple and easiest ways to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh.

1. Buy Bitcoin with Bkash in Bangladesh

It is an easy way to buy Bitcoin with the Bkash mobile wallet. Bkash is the popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh. It is a great way to send money, receive money, buy products, do online shopping, and have different purposes to use. So, very simply you can buy Bitcoin with Bkash mobile banking wallet. A few steps are below to complete the transaction.

BTC To BDT Trusted Bangladeshi Dollar Exchange Sites

To buy BTC first you need to balance the same amount that you are gonna spend to get Bitcoin. After fund BDT in your bkash mobile account. Now you are ready to buy the BTC. At this stage, many online currency exchangers are available to buy it. Some of them are international and some of them are local exchanges. First, I mention a few Bangladeshi dollar exchange sites. Then I will also mention some trusted international sites.

First, I want to talk about BTCTo BDT online dollar exchange site. Because it is one of the most trusted dollars exchange sites to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Bangladesh. Where you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum XRP Tron, XLM, etc Crypto with a Bkash account. BTC To BDT allows using buy Bitcoin and other currencies through Bkash mobile wallet account. Follow the step to buy BTC.

BTC To BDT To Buy Bitcoin From Bangladesh


At first, you need to register an account to BTC To BDT dollar exchange site. To do this go to the Registration page and fill all the forms and complete the registration process.

After finishing the registration process now you click the exchange button from the header menu. So, now you are on the exchange page. And hope all the previous processes you have completed perfectly. So, it is the first step to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh.


Now it is visible the home page exchange option is a screenshot. Here have some exchange options left side and right side. On the left side option is the payment option that’s you will send and the right side is for receive option. For instance, you want to buy Bitcoin with Bkash. To do this you need to send Bkash and you will receive Bitcoin in Bangladesh.

receive Bitcoin
receive Bitcoin

Select Bkash from the left side and select Bitcoin from the right side. And finally, click on the exchange button. Now you will see a new pop window. If you are not a registered member then at this stage you need to register and verify your email. To verify your email simply go to your account or profile and you can see an option send email verification option. Send a confirmation email then go to your email and click the verification link. So, after clicking, the link shows a successful massage.


At this point, you will see the option where you need to put your email address. Also, another option show to our your Bitcoin wallet address. Input Bitcoin wallet address carefully because this wallet receives Bitcoin. If you input the wrong Bitcoin wallet address then, you lose funds. It is not possible to recover Bitcoin if you send the wrong address.

reciver Bitcoin address

When you click exchange. Now a page appears to you. This page shows your exchange ID, amount sent, the amount received by an email address, Bitcoin address, and total transaction amount. Check the screenshot.


bitcoin transaction details
bitcoin transaction details

So, after check, all the details simply click on the orderconfirm button’. When you click on conform then a new page is visible to you.

buy btc with bkash wallet

This page is important. Because payment page shows Marchant Bkash number. You need to pay the exact amount of BDT to get the BTC amount.

However, send the mentioned amount to the Personal Bkash wallet. After payment click on the ‘confirm transaction‘ button. Don’t forget to our your Bkash transaction ID.

Almost work is done so wait for the operator to check and very quickly get your Bitcoin to your provided BTC wallet.

bitcoin to bkash transaction success

Finally, a screenshot above shows you all the final details about buy Bitcoin with Bkash. You can check your transaction status on ‘Exchange ID‘. Or you might also check transactions on the home page right side. After 10 minutes check your balance. Not only BTC but also TNC to BDT can be converted from Bangladeshi exchange.

Paxful To Buy Bitcoin From Bangladesh

Paxful is one of the popular peer-to-peer currency exchange sites around the world. This currency exchange marketplace gives you to convert vast level currency convert advantage. From this one of the best digital currency convertors, Bangladeshi can convert any currency to BDT. Bangladeshi users can convert more than 300 currency to convert Bitcoin at a very affordable price.

It gives the Bangladesh user to trade, send and receive money in a secure and trustworthy way. Paxful mobile app gives the opportunity to send and receive quick currency exchange from your hand. In Bangladesh Cryptocurrency is not legal to trade, hold or use in BD. But for any legal activities if you need to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh then follow the step to get it.


Register and account on Paxfull peet to peer convertor. With email verification and account confirmation now ready to buy Bitcoin. To buy Bitcoin with Paxful check the left side buy Bitcoin option. In this section, you see two options.

buy btc with paxful

From that menu click buy Bitcoin. After clicking Buy Bitcoin from the pay via option then select the bkash e-wallet option to exchange it. Not only bkash but also you able to pay with other BDT currency to buy BTC.

bitcoin sellin offer with bkash

So, a new window show here. From this section, you will be able to choose any Bitcoin seller who is cheap selling. Chose any Bitcoin selling offer to buy BTC. Keep up the following matter to complete buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh.

  • Deal with only those who are available online.
  • Before buying check the sellar reputation.
  • Don’t click any third-party link if sent by the seller.
  • After sending the Bkash amount to send a screenshot if the seller asks.
  • Ask the seller to realize BTC after a successful transaction.


Now from the list click any offer.  The offer shows the buy now button on the right side. Click on it and you see a new window pop the main trading area. The page show “How much do you want to Buy?” Two options here one is ‘I will pay and another is ‘I will receive. So, put the amount that you are expected to buy Bitcoin with Bkash. The unit will show you the BDT and Bitcoin currency.

paxful bitcoin with bkash trade

For instant, you want to pay 5000 BDT bkash. So, the right side shows the calculated BTC amount. When all the form is filled then simply click the Buy Now button. Now you’re trade started. From this buy Bitcoin with Bkash trade dashboard you can chat with a trader.

bkash paymebt for btc on paxful

After negotiating trade pay him and click on the left side pain button. Now time to wait for the seller’s confirmation. When the seller confirms and releases the fund then your balance will be added to your Paxful wallet. Now you can use this BTC wallet to use anywhere. However, this is a great way to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh.

Top 5 Bitcoin exchanges in Bangladesh

Directly you are not allowed to exchange Bitcoin in Bangladesh. Also directly you can not buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh. But you know always there has an alternative option. So, if you are gonna buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh then definitely another option. And to do so you need to take help with any exchange. In this article, I just focus top 5 Bitcoin exchange that is Bangladeshi user-friendly. So, let’s get started without delay.

Bitcoin FAQ In Bangladesh

🌟 Is Bitcoin legal in Bangladesh?

In a word No! Bitcoin is not legal in Bangladesh. This Cryptocurrency is prohibited by Bangladesh. On December 24 in 2017 Central Bank Of Bangladesh declare through its official website that any digital currency is not legal in BD. So, any people of Bangladesh can not trade, hold, or transaction any Crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. This virtual currency is controlled by the outside of Bangladesh movement that’s why it is banned by the BD gov.

🌟 Does Bangladesh have Bitcoin ATM?

Already heard about Bitcoin is not alow in Bangladesh. So, definitely, there should not have any Bitcoin ATM booth. You can find an ATM booth in any other country but Bangladesh has no Bitcoin ATM booth or exchange anywhere.

🌟 Can I buy Bitcoin in Bangladesh?

Yes! You can buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh. Though it is not legal here you can buy with an online exchange, This type of website is controlled outside of Bangladesh. So, it is not hard to buy BTC from BangladeshBDT. You can check the above exchange where you can collect, trade, and hold. To buy BTC you need to use Bangladeshi local wallets like  Bkash mobile wallet, Nagad wallet, etc.

🌟 Is it legal to buy cryptocurrency in Bangladesh?

No Cryptocurrency that is decentralized assert those are banned by central Bangladesh. Law enforcement authorities are always searching for who is using Cryptocurrecny in Bangladesh. So, it is very clear that all virtual currencies are prohibited by the government. BTC users from Bangladesh can buy TNC crypto in Bangladesh.


Buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh in a different way. We encourage you to use Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency as a revolutionary invention. But don’t use it for illegal purposes like crime, money laundering, etc. Before, any exchange or convert BTC to BDT you must follow the movement low for further harassment. When you follow the government rule then buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh.

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